BCAM: October 19th

Before I had children, I didn't understand the phrase: "It takes a village." Yes, I'm a weird introvert who loves to spend time on my own, so it just didn't make sense to me. Anyway, then I had kids and WOW, it made a lot more sense. I'm forever grateful for the village that we … Continue reading BCAM: October 19th

BCAM: October 18th

"This METAvivor Research and Support Inc.#METAvivor * ribbon has a very big meaning for us metavivors (a/k/a "metastatic breast cancer patients"). We choose to identify with this instead of the pink one for a variety of reasons. Text to why straight from metavivor.org: "The pink ribbon is well-known for representing the fight against breast cancer, … Continue reading BCAM: October 18th

BCAM: October 16th

Day 17/100You see after being sick and on heavy treatments every day for over 5 years my body has taken a lot of beating. I feel like I'm 80, and the pic is probably what I would've looked like on the outside if my insides would decide.My immune system is really bad so I get … Continue reading BCAM: October 16th

BCAM: October 15th

I chose today, halfway through this breast cancer awareness month, to highlight those badass women that Adiba chose to highlight thus far during her 100 days of MBC. Yes, I should disclose that my picture is amongst the ones below. Each of us who were highlighted picked an issue near and dear to our hearts … Continue reading BCAM: October 15th

BCAM: October 14th

Language matters. Let me say that again, language matters. Here's how Adiba describes how MBC patients look at the "battle" terminology: As a person who loves control and wants to have control, losing control over so many things as a forever patient has been a rough transition for me personally. One thing no one has … Continue reading BCAM: October 14th

BCAM: October 13th

Today is the ONE day during Breast Cancer Awareness Month allocated to those of us who are Stage IV. When I was diagnosed, I was astonished to learn that we get one day. We are dying 365 days of the year, 24/7, and we get ONE day in all of October?! Frankly, it feels like … Continue reading BCAM: October 13th

BCAM: October 12th

This is one of the things that causes me, as a daughter, wife and mom some sleepless nights. My diagnosis is happening to me, but it is also happening to everyone around me. I'm sure no parent will misunderstand when I say that I would rather take all the pain on myself rather than see … Continue reading BCAM: October 12th

BCAM: October 11th

Death, is a really hard subject to talk about. Our culture does not give us a language and we, as a culture, tidy death away from from sight. Because of that, we've lost the ability as a culture to really support one another when we have to face it. Here's what Adiba has to say … Continue reading BCAM: October 11th

BCAM: October 10th

Before breast cancer, I took a multivitamin (maybe) and that was it. At various times, I took some supplements when a vitamin or mineral showed up as lacking, but I generally eschewed medication and pills if I could. When I was trying to get pregnant, that changed and throughout pregnancies and breastfeeding, I started to … Continue reading BCAM: October 10th