Dynamic/Invisible Disability

I've written a lot about labels and fitting into groups of people or feeling a part of a group of people. I think that means I think about it a lot. Bottom line, as I've said over and over, belonging and feeling accepted is fundamental and words/labels really do matter, especially when you are a … Continue reading Dynamic/Invisible Disability

Webinars from 2020 in Partnership with SurvivingBreastCancer.org!

In 2020, we lost so many beautiful precious souls from the MBC Community and I really struggled. I wrote about losing my dear friend, Emily Garnett, in a post earlier this year called Love and Grief; Grief and Love and there are so many others we've lost since then. As I was searching for some … Continue reading Webinars from 2020 in Partnership with SurvivingBreastCancer.org!

Tattoos, Part II

I've written before about how getting tattoos has helped recapture and redeem the parts of my body that have been adversely affected by breast cancer. You can access my initial post, Tattoos, Part I, and read about the first four (4) tattoos that I had done starting in 2019. In the latter part of 2020, … Continue reading Tattoos, Part II

GOODBYE 2020, HELLO 2021

I'm not sure there has ever been a year that I've been more excited to see over. I suspect that I'm not alone in thinking this; however, I do caution myself that the years changing is just a construct, the issues we face individually and collectively throughout 2020 are still present and will still need … Continue reading GOODBYE 2020, HELLO 2021

Christmas 2020

Christmas is my favorite holiday, despite my struggles with feeling that my birthday (the 21st) is overshadowed and my angst about Santa Claus. I think part of why I love Christmas is the decorations -- I love lights and am bowled over again and again by the creativity of so many in their decorating. However, … Continue reading Christmas 2020

One More Trip Around the Sun

At 4:30 a.m. on this winter solstice during the weirdest year EVER, I turned 42. When I was diagnosed with Metastatic Breast Cancer in 2017 at the age of 38, I wondered if I would even see 40 since just getting the diagnosis felt as if death was imminent. Well, I saw 40 and then … Continue reading One More Trip Around the Sun

Metastatic Parenthood

I count myself blessed to be surrounded by amazingly talented and resilient advocates in the MBC community. Everywhere I look, there's another advocate who saw the missing pieces of support in his/her own life or in the lives of the people around them and is seeking to address that gap. I've often said that the … Continue reading Metastatic Parenthood