The loss of a grandparent

On Monday, the 13th of September, we lost my last living grandparent, my maternal Grandmother. Mrs Marjorie Wood (née Ulrich) would have turned ninety-five (95) on September 22nd and, while I am not sad that her suffering has come to a peaceful end, the hole she has left in my family is acutely felt. Covid … Continue reading The loss of a grandparent

I know no other way …

In a recent appointment with my medical oncologist after we'd finished with the medical part of the visit, we began talking about support groups. She knows that I’m involved in a few, sometimes as a participant, sometimes a moderator and she often asks me questions about those experiences. My medical oncologist is also on the … Continue reading I know no other way …

9/11/2001, 20th anniversary

20 years ago today was an overwhelmingly confusing day. I remember so vividly being on the phone at work, I was a paralegal in a law office in the World Trade Center in Virginia, and a family member called a coworker and told us to turn on the news. We all gathered around and watched … Continue reading 9/11/2001, 20th anniversary

Kids missing out?

I was listening to the radio the other day as I was driving away from dropping off my first grader (he’s 6) and my third grader (he’s 8) and there was a news report about how parents believe kiddos are missing out on some essential experiences at school in light of the pandemic and safety … Continue reading Kids missing out?


Ok, the first time I heard this word, I confess that I was confused. Extra, what? And then I learned more and I knew that I needed to share. The formal definition of "Extravasation" from the National Institute of Cancer is: "The leakage of blood, lymph, or other fluid, such as an anticancer drug, from … Continue reading Extravasation

One last hurrah!

The week before school started, we took the boys up to Orlando to spend some time as a family and with loved ones. Over the last few years, we've discovered the 4 Seasons in Orlando where there is a smallish water park experience for the kiddos and lots of relaxation for the adults and some … Continue reading One last hurrah!

On the first day of school, 2021

I remember the very first day of school for each of my sweet boys. They both started in the toddler room at Baldwin Oaks Academy, a wonderful Montessori school in Orlando, at around eighteen (18) months each. That beginning for both of the boys set them up for success when they were little all the … Continue reading On the first day of school, 2021

Twas the Night Before School Started

Twas the night before school startedwhen all through the townthe parents were cheeringit was a riotous sound.By eight the kids were washedand tucked into bedwhen memories of homeworkfilled them with dread.New pencils, new folders, new notebooks too,new teachers, new friends, the anxiety grew.The parents just giggled when they heard of this frightand shouted upstairs-GO TO … Continue reading Twas the Night Before School Started