Day 3 in San Antonio, 2022

After the marathon day yesterday, we got a slower start to the day today. A calm port in the storm of the conference activity is the Patient Advocacy Lounge sponsored by Eli Lilly, which gives those of us who need a break some down time and a place to connect with other patient advocates. Starting … Continue reading Day 3 in San Antonio, 2022

Day 2 in San Antonio 2022 (a day late)

Checked in officially this morning for the conference and was pleasantly surprised that the physical book of information about the conference was included. Yes, I'm sure I'm dating myself and the ap does have a lot of great features, but I really do enjoy having something in my hands to hold and write on. There … Continue reading Day 2 in San Antonio 2022 (a day late)

Day 1 in San Antonio 2022

My dear husband dropped me off at the airport this morning at 7:00 a.m. and I landed in San Antonio, TX just in time to take a cab to the orientation for the 2022 Advocate Scholar class of the Alamo Breast Cancer Foundation (ABCF), which started at 4:00 p.m. (and I walked in about 20 … Continue reading Day 1 in San Antonio 2022

Off to San Antonio!!

Every December, people from all over the world dedicated to the treatment of those of us with breast cancer gather in San Antonio, TX for the San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium. I've been attending in person or virtually since 2018 and have learned so much each time I've attended from the actual program, the new … Continue reading Off to San Antonio!!

Reflections on Panel Discussion

As we near the end of November and prepare for a busy December, I've been thinking a lot about my trip to Las Vegas and opportunity to speak on a panel during the 2022 HLTH Conference. Some of you may recall my last post as I was preparing to fly there, which you can access … Continue reading Reflections on Panel Discussion

Healthcare; Access and Disparities

Not too long ago, Maya Said from approached me about speaking on a panel at the upcoming HLTH Conference in Las Vegas. The theme of the panel, at a conference that hasn't historically been very open/welcoming to patient involvement/input, is "Will the pace of cancer innovation lead to poorer outcomes?" Maya, the founder of … Continue reading Healthcare; Access and Disparities

Reflecting on October, 2022

Recently, I moderated a discussion with some dear friends about October and the experience of those of us with breast cancer during Breast Cancer Awareness/Action Month (BCAM). You can find that live discussion here: We'd hosted a similar panel at the beginning of October last year and wanted to do something a little different … Continue reading Reflecting on October, 2022

Happy Halloween

When I was young, there were different factors that meant we didn't do traditional trick or treating. There was that scare in the 80s with people putting needles in apples or ground glass in other candy -- I'm still not sure why that happened and it certainly left a scar since I inspect everything very … Continue reading Happy Halloween

A Moment of Tenderness …

This post comes from a pop up writing workshop with Wildfire, "the only magazine and writing community for the women "too young" for breast cancer." I've written before about how I've been honored to have some of my writing published in various issues of Wildfire over the years (and will again in the upcoming MBC … Continue reading A Moment of Tenderness …

As if I needed the reminder …

As if I needed the reminder that I'm not as healthy now as before cancer, a unknown bug landed me in the hospital with sepsis a few weeks ago, the week Hurricane Ian hit Florida to be exact and I've been really sick since then. We are pretty sure that one of the two germ … Continue reading As if I needed the reminder …