Pro What?

Recently, a Supreme Court opinion was leaked that has sent some shockwaves across the world. The opinion would reverse decades of opinions based on Roe v. Wade and change the legal landscape when it comes to abortion. Many states that don't have laws about abortion on the books or have laws that haven't been enforced … Continue reading Pro What?

Grief Tourists Who Go TOO Far

I am thankful to Chelsey Gomez and a recent Journeying Beyond Breast Cancer weekly blog roundup for learning this term: "Grief Tourists." You should check out her writing and follow her as well as the weekly round-up of blogs. I also like the definition below from, a HealthUnion site like, for which I … Continue reading Grief Tourists Who Go TOO Far

A follow up to billing issues …

I wrote a blog post recently about feeling in the middle between my insurance company and my cancer center this week and you can access that here if you are curious about that. In the midst of that experience, I had multiple conversations with people in my life about medical billing issues AND received bills … Continue reading A follow up to billing issues …

To my youngest son on the 7th anniversary of your birth

Malcolm-- This year, you turned 7 on the 7th and we have noticed such a difference in you this year. We think back to your rather tumultuous entry into the world and how at every moment since, you have chosen your own path. You throw every bit of your being into whatever it is that … Continue reading To my youngest son on the 7th anniversary of your birth


As many of you know, I currently live in Miami, Florida and I've posted/talked about my involvement with the 305PinkPack at various times. The Pack, as we often term it, is the brainchild of Rosemary Carrera, a breast cancer survivor, a medical professional, and all around amazing person. Here is how she describes her experience … Continue reading 305PinkPack

I don’t want to be in the middle!!!

As the eldest of six (6), I've never experienced the woes of the middle children, but I think I might be starting to understand a little of how/why they tend have some objections to the way they are treated. My experiences aren't the result of family dynamics, but the experience of being a patient who … Continue reading I don’t want to be in the middle!!!

When you feel brushed aside … a bit of a rant …

I’m not habitually a complainer. My main focus for most of my life has been to be a planner, a caregiver, a problem solver. I was the person that others asked for help with legal issues in my professional life and that definitely affected my personal life as well. Sure, there were always stressors and … Continue reading When you feel brushed aside … a bit of a rant …

Patient Centric

For the last five (5) years, I’ve been an active patient. This means I see a plethora of doctors regularly in a variety of places/states/types of offices, I have a pharmacy in my bathroom for cancer treatments and all the side effucks, and I’m in infusions centers, phlebotomy labs and hospitals regularly. I also ask … Continue reading Patient Centric

Tumor Heterogeneity

"Tumor Heterogeneity" (TH) is a phrase that often comes up in discussions with my medical team and with researchers as we all attempt to understand and anticipate the behavior of the cancer cells. From some of my discussions with other patients on social media, there does seem to be a lot of confusion about this … Continue reading Tumor Heterogeneity