A Worthy Cause

I wanted to share a post from a dear friend of mine who sells Colorstreet nail covers, Sheila. Check out the link and consider ordering these nail covers for yourself or someone you love. I placed mine and am really happy to support a company who is putting their money where their mouths are!! Speechless. … Continue reading A Worthy Cause

BCAM 2021: Day #8

W T A F Knowing that our black and brown brothers and sisters are more likely to die (whatever the actual reasons) keeps me up at night. Breast Cancer, particularly Metastatic Breast Cancer, is a horrible disease and to start out with yet another hurdle is nearly unthinkable. That anyone who is dealing with something … Continue reading BCAM 2021: Day #8

BCAM 2021: Day #7

This was another shocking thing that I discovered in my own experiences. I'd assumed (wrongly) that most cancer was genetic and when my mom tested negative for BRCA 1 & 2 after her early cancer diagnosis, my sisters and I thought we had nothing to worry about. We also didn't fully understand the complexity of … Continue reading BCAM 2021: Day #7

BCAM 2021: Day #6

The narrative that mammograms save lives and that you are safe if you have a clear mammogram is just not always true. It's catchy and it's an objective, bright line that makes marketing and advertising easier. We've traded the shaded truth for a generally accurate slogan and a false sense of security. Bottom line? No … Continue reading BCAM 2021: Day #6

BCAM 2021; Day #5

Cancer grows because "normal cells" have mutated and become different. One thing that doesn't work inside cancer cells are the brakes that tells a cell when to die a natural death. Cancer cells proliferate without an end and they don't die naturally. And that keeps happening. The cancer cells keep mutating. And these mutations enable … Continue reading BCAM 2021; Day #5

BCAM 2021: Day #4

This is one of the facts that surprised me the most when I started getting into the nitty-gritty details of breast cancer after my own diagnosis. Understanding that there are so many different variables that make up the umbrella of the term "breast cancer," has helped me understand better why a cure hasn't been found … Continue reading BCAM 2021: Day #4

Speaking our Truth

Truth is a big deal to me. From a personality and training perspective, Iโ€™m wired to look for and speak the truth. What I often forget to do is package the truth. But what other people donโ€™t often understand is that I really do appreciate when others speak their truth, give their perspective, even if … Continue reading Speaking our Truth

Breast Cancer Awareness Month (BCAM) 2021

October of 2021 is the fifth (5th) Breast Cancer Awareness Month (BCAM) since my Stage IV Metastatic Breast Cancer (MBC) diagnosis in 2017 and that brings me ever closer to the milestone of living five (5) years with MBC. And yet, sometimes I think that looking for the milestones or putting any stock in reaching/achieving … Continue reading Breast Cancer Awareness Month (BCAM) 2021