Anniversaries, three years and counting.

It's been a whole year ago since I posted about celebrating my second anniversary of blogging here at WordPress. You can read that one here. I celebrated last year by appearing on a radio show to talk about living with a terminal diagnosis. This year, three years, is not quite as celebratory. I got this … Continue reading Anniversaries, three years and counting.

Acceptable Risk

I've been thinking a lot about acceptable risk in the context of living with Stage IV Metastatic Breast Cancer (MBC) while immunocompromised and COVID and all of what we deal with on a daily basis in the world today. I was a little surprised at the variety of definitions out there, but I do like … Continue reading Acceptable Risk

Medical Update, October 2021

As most of you know, I get a quarterly PET/CT imaging test to determine if the cancer cells are behaving themselves. October 11, 2021 was my most recent PET/CT and it wasn't what we'd hoped for and, frankly, only happened in October because I'd advocated for it since I qualified for testing every six (6) … Continue reading Medical Update, October 2021

BCAM 2021: Day #10

When I was diagnosed with Stage IV Metastatic Breast Cancer (MBC), I had recently turned 38 and was tandem breastfeeding my almost two (2) year old and almost (4) year old. Breast cancer was the farthest thing from my mind when I felt the lump in my left breast and I got my very first … Continue reading BCAM 2021: Day #10

BCAM 2021: Day #3 & a LIVE roundtable webinar

We have some data points, some pieces of information that help us understand the whole picture of who is diagnosed with breast cancer and when. When a biopsy comes back positive for malignant breast cancer, that information is reported to various databases, depending on your location in the world. The next data point is typically … Continue reading BCAM 2021: Day #3 & a LIVE roundtable webinar

BCAM 2021; Day #1

These numbers are scarier every time I read them and they are incomplete. We know a lot about the incidents of diagnosed breast cancer, but not so much about how many have an early stage diagnosis and then progress to Stage IV. We can extrapolate knowing how many are diagnosed and how many die since … Continue reading BCAM 2021; Day #1

When pain becomes chronic …

Pain. It's such a short word that encompasses so many things. Before Stage IV Metastatic Breast Cancer (MBC), I'd experienced some amount of pain. I got into a few car accidents. Dislocated a wrist. I'd had braces, twice, along with some dental surgery. When no longer very young, I had two c-sections and a 26 … Continue reading When pain becomes chronic …

To Pink or Not to Pink, that is the question

Recently, in a metastatic breast cancer support group, a member asked that we discuss how each of us were reacting to the annual pink saturation that is coming up in October. The member who brought up the issue expressed some struggles with the fact that so many of the fundraisers involve bras or other sexualized … Continue reading To Pink or Not to Pink, that is the question