Days 5 & 6 in San Antonio (crazy late!)

As you probably noticed, I was running out of steam those last few days in San Antonio! Big conferences like the San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium (SABCS) before my diagnosis were a challenge since I have to expend a lot of energy around other people and that struggle has gotten so much worse after I … Continue reading Days 5 & 6 in San Antonio (crazy late!)

Day 4 in San Antonio (a day late)

Can you tell that things get overwhelming at a big scientific conference? My stamina is definitely different these days and I'm glad that things are starting to wind down. I've also learned a little about taking breaks and prioritizing the topics and activities that are the right fit rather than trying to take everything in. … Continue reading Day 4 in San Antonio (a day late)

Day 3 in San Antonio, 2022

After the marathon day yesterday, we got a slower start to the day today. A calm port in the storm of the conference activity is the Patient Advocacy Lounge sponsored by Eli Lilly, which gives those of us who need a break some down time and a place to connect with other patient advocates. Starting … Continue reading Day 3 in San Antonio, 2022

Day 2 in San Antonio 2022 (a day late)

Checked in officially this morning for the conference and was pleasantly surprised that the physical book of information about the conference was included. Yes, I'm sure I'm dating myself and the ap does have a lot of great features, but I really do enjoy having something in my hands to hold and write on. There … Continue reading Day 2 in San Antonio 2022 (a day late)