I've written before about Bisphosphonate Induced Osteonecrosis of the Jaw (BIONJ), which I was diagnosed with back in June of 2020, and you can read about that here. From what I am hearing from a variety of doctors, there are more cases of BIONJ since those of us with MBC and other metastatic cancers are … Continue reading BIONJ, Part II

Medical Update, 4th of 2021

Those of us who are forever patients are scanned all the time. We lovingly/sarcastically/mournfully call this process "scan, treat, repeat." Because of these regular scans, things that would never have been known about the interior workings of our bodies are known and become a potential issue, at least inside my head. I can't say that … Continue reading Medical Update, 4th of 2021

Medical Update, third of 2021

You can read the first and second updates if you need to catch up on the dilemmas I faced with regard to treating/killing/freezing/nuking/blasting the pesky met. The cliff's notes version is that there is one metastasis that just won't die and it's located in my right pubic synthesis; the options I was considering were cryoablation … Continue reading Medical Update, third of 2021

Medical Update, 2nd of 2021

On January 14, I published my first medical update of 2021, which you can access here, if you missed it. Basically, the cliff's notes version is this: pesky met in my pelvis won't die, first biopsy attempt did not show anything actionable, and we're trying to figure out what to do next. One major ah-ha … Continue reading Medical Update, 2nd of 2021

COVID Vaccine, Part I

I've seen so many people assert quite confidently that the COVID vaccine is perfectly safe and an equal number of people quite confidently say that it is not at all safe. Who is right? I have no idea. Were you thinking I'd say something else? I do have a lot of opinions and I'm not … Continue reading COVID Vaccine, Part I

Medical Update, First of 2021

Still can't believe that we're finally in 2021!! Of course, since the calendar system is just a construct, it's not like much of anything was different as the calendar flipping from December 31, 2020 to January 1, 2021, but I confess to still having hope that things will be different especially since there will be … Continue reading Medical Update, First of 2021

Another Medical Update: BIONJ, November 2020

It seems like quite a while since I've posted a medical update. Pretty sure that's a good thing! My last PET/CT was in September, 2020, and it showed that the current medication is keeping the mets stable, which is a good thing. I'll always hope for NED, which stands for No Evidence of Disease or … Continue reading Another Medical Update: BIONJ, November 2020

Reblog: Open letter from a person with chronic pain

I don’t talk a lot about the side effucks and issues that I carry every day. It’s not that I don’t think about it, all day, every day. As I type this, I’m sitting in the waiting room at a local imaging center ready to get my quarterly PET scan to see if my medication … Continue reading Reblog: Open letter from a person with chronic pain

Experimentation Update, June 2020

As some of you are aware, I embarked upon an oncologist directed experiment of one (1) person (me) about three (3) months ago when we added Kisquali (a/k/a ribociclib, a CDK4/6 inhibitor) to targeted therapy, Piqray (a/k/a Alpelisib), along with Faslodex (a/k/a Fulvestrant) and a rather lengthy list of medications to address side effects and … Continue reading Experimentation Update, June 2020

Medical Update, ONJ

About three weeks ago, I started to feel pain in the lower left quadrant of my mouth, tooth #18 to be exact. I’m one of those weird people with more alkaline than acidic salvia and at age 41, I’ve still never had a cavity. (knock on wood). Braces, yes, twice, and I struggle with tarter … Continue reading Medical Update, ONJ