COVID Vaccine, Part II

In preparation for the 2nd COVID vaccine shot on Tuesday, the 2nd of February, I again stopped taking Kisquali a week beforehand. I had regularly scheduled bloodwork on Thursday, the 28th of January, and my WBC were up over 3, so that was a good sign that the adjusted schedule did have an affect on … Continue reading COVID Vaccine, Part II

Cancer Prevention vs Risk Reduction

I've said it over and over -- language matters. Language matters a great deal. A hot button issue for many in the cancer community, for a variety of reasons, is the terminology around awareness and prevention. It's such a hot button for me, I just shuddered as I typed those words and I've heard others … Continue reading Cancer Prevention vs Risk Reduction

Medical Update, 2nd of 2021

On January 14, I published my first medical update of 2021, which you can access here, if you missed it. Basically, the cliff's notes version is this: pesky met in my pelvis won't die, first biopsy attempt did not show anything actionable, and we're trying to figure out what to do next. One major ah-ha … Continue reading Medical Update, 2nd of 2021

Remembering Family History on my Mom’s Birthday

Today is my Mom's birthday and I cannot articulate how much I appreciate having a relationship with her, not just because of her support of my living with MBC, but also as a friend and as a role model for living as a woman and mom. She looks and presents much much younger than her … Continue reading Remembering Family History on my Mom’s Birthday

Dynamic/Invisible Disability

I've written a lot about labels and fitting into groups of people or feeling a part of a group of people. I think that means I think about it a lot. Bottom line, as I've said over and over, belonging and feeling accepted is fundamental and words/labels really do matter, especially when you are a … Continue reading Dynamic/Invisible Disability

COVID Vaccine, Part I

I've seen so many people assert quite confidently that the COVID vaccine is perfectly safe and an equal number of people quite confidently say that it is not at all safe. Who is right? I have no idea. Were you thinking I'd say something else? I do have a lot of opinions and I'm not … Continue reading COVID Vaccine, Part I

Medical Update, First of 2021

Still can't believe that we're finally in 2021!! Of course, since the calendar system is just a construct, it's not like much of anything was different as the calendar flipping from December 31, 2020 to January 1, 2021, but I confess to still having hope that things will be different especially since there will be … Continue reading Medical Update, First of 2021