Breast Cancer Facts, 10/2

I have bone only Mets and I was initially diagnosed as stage 2 in March of 2017. We made treatment decisions based on that information, but in June of 2017, we discovered that I’d actually been Stage IV from the beginning and probably for quite a while before I felt the lump myself. My cancer spread through my blood, not my lymph nodes, a much rarer method than I’d realized.

In the SEER database, I’m listed as having stage 2 breast Cancer and then I’m listed in the bone cancer database with an asterisk. The lesions in my bones are still breast cancer and they still act the same as the lump in my breast. It may be hard to understand but I’m always happy to educate anyone who actually wants to learn.

I’m on my second line of treatment now since my cancer mutated to get past the medication I was initially taking after chemo.

9 thoughts on “Breast Cancer Facts, 10/2

    1. For my particular subtype (estrogen and progesterone positive, her2 negative), I understand that bone Mets make up about 60% of the Mets sites. Other subtypes get bone Mets less often. Thanks for asking a great question!

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