Breast Cancer Facts, 10/1

I’m still astonished at how little people understand about cancer. Just last week, I had to explain yet again that stage IV is the terminal stage, that there is no coming back, there is no cure. Once breast cancer has left the breast and metastasized to another organ, then ones time on this earth has been utterly changed.

For me, with bone only mets, the constant companion is pain. Pain from the mets themselves and surgical changes from when they had to stabilize my legs by inserting titanium rods in each femur.

My constant reminder of what I’m living with is pain.

Others, with other kinds of mets, will experience different reminders.

Those of us living with this disease don’t get a day off, we will always have cancer.

7 thoughts on “Breast Cancer Facts, 10/1

  1. People don’t get Stage 4 cancer. I remember a story about a young man with metastatic colon cancer who told his mother he was Stage 4. The poor lady was happy about it because she thought it was a scale from 0 to10…

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