BCAM 2021: Day #21

I’ve regularly dealt with headaches as a child and as an adult, so after my diagnosis, this experience did continue. My doctors have always been very very concerned about my headaches and I’ve had multiple brain MRIs to ensure that there were no metastases in my brain. For now, there haven’t been any, but we know that the brain is an area where breast cancer can spread. And it’s harder to treat since many of the available medication doesn’t cross the blood-brain barrier.

Watching out for symptoms and relating them to your team is key and brain mets can be very debilitating.

2 thoughts on “BCAM 2021: Day #21

  1. I have had numerous brain MRIs when they discovered a huge tumor located outside the brain on my right l lobe. It was a meningioma, non cancerous. But before they declared it that, they really looked it over thoroughly. All me docs thought it 3 brain mets. Scary.

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