From July 2, 2017


Journal entry by Abigail Johnston — 

We had quite the experience on Friday. I was cleared for surgery the night before and then had to come to the Oviedo Medical Center at 7 to be ready for the planned surgery at 830. I was poked, prodded and stuck with a variety of needles. They brought me into the operating room and someone literally yelled STOP!! Apparently there was something left over from a previous surgery on some of the instruments. So back out to preop. The extra hour they initially told us turned into 3 and then they finally brought me back in. It was after dinner when I finally got to my room for the night. According to the surgeon I tolerated the surgery well and the rods are placed in both femurs to stabilize my legs. Wasn’t anticipating that there would be so much pain and that the narcotics given for the pain would be so debilitating. Surgeon kept saying I would have surgical pain … since I’ve never had surgery on my lower body I had no frame of reference. Well now i do!! Was able to stand yesterday but not much else. The dr changed my meds and allowed me to bring in my own anti-nausea meds. By the end of yesterday I felt more like myself mentally and I was able to get out of bed (with lots of help) and sit in a chair. Amazing how the benchmarks and milestones change.

Hoping to be discharged today and my bloodwork is doing well overall. I’m not sure PT will sign off unless I can walk to the bathroom. Setting goals is good! My body does not feel like mine right now but I am stronger this morning and am learning to take this slower than I’d like. 🙂

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