From June 29, 2017

What a day!!

Journal entry by Abigail Johnston — 

Today has had some crazy elements and was a wild ride … started with a brain MRI. First normal test results in a while. Then the Orthopaedic surgeon called up to say that he was questioning whether surgery on my legs could happen tomorrow and was consulting with a spinal specialist. My heart just sank. Off to the hospital for 3 more hours in an MRI for clear views of all parts of my spine. I’ve never thought of myself as a claustrophobic person but wowzers that was tough. I’m not sure the instructor intended it for this purpose but I utilized many of the breathing and focusing techniques we learned in our hypnobirthing class for when Malcolm was born to get through that. 800 pictures later, went to get bloodwork done and await the news. Got the call this evening that I’m cleared for surgery tomorrow but will need to follow up with the spinal specialist for something in my lumbar spine. That will be an issue to be tackled next week. I’m so thankful for the team of doctors working with me — they collaborated well into the evening to ensure all elements are covered and I’m not even a patient of the spinal specialist yet. I’m also so thankful for all of the friends and family who have continued to support me, my sweet husband and my kiddos. Particularly mom who “schooled” several medical professionals today as only a mother can when fighting for her child.

More great discussions with the dear sisters who are working with me to transition my clients and several employees who have become like family. I have more peace tonight about this next phase in my life because I know they will honor my efforts and investment.

Onto tomorrow….

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