From June 28, 2017

Closer to surgery …

Journal entry by Abigail Johnston — 

Mom and I went to the Infusion center this morning for bloodwork and shots in anticipation of surgery. Xgeva shot was not a big deal and bloodwork was good so I didn’t have to get the other shot to boost my white blood cell count.

While we were waiting to leave I spoke with the Orthopaedic surgeon. He looked at the skeletal survey I did yesterday and spoke with my whole team. Lesion on the left leg is not as large as the right but both are in the parts of my femurs that receive the most stress from walking/standing. Recommendation is to put a rod in both legs to stabilize the bones. Agreed and everything looks good for surgery Friday but may need to stay two nights rather than one.

Bloodwork and preop appointments tomorrow. Surgery Friday

I met with a dear friend today about my clients and the firm. She and her partner are praying about coming alongside the people who depend on me and taking that off of me.

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