Dynamic/Invisible Disability

I've written a lot about labels and fitting into groups of people or feeling a part of a group of people. I think that means I think about it a lot. Bottom line, as I've said over and over, belonging and feeling accepted is fundamental and words/labels really do matter, especially when you are a … Continue reading Dynamic/Invisible Disability

2020 Metavivor Virtual Stampede

Each October, a group of men and women, of all ages and races and stages of breast cancer, descend on Washington DC to participate in several events. 2018 was the first year Elliot and I traveled to DC for the Metavivor Stampede -- I wrote about that experience and you can access that article here. … Continue reading 2020 Metavivor Virtual Stampede

Experience applying for disability benefits

Disclaimer: I'm a lawyer in Florida only and this post is about my personal experiences applying for disability benefits. Nothing in this post or in any of my other posts should be considered legal advice. If you have legal questions, you should get in touch with a legal professional with experience in the issues you … Continue reading Experience applying for disability benefits

We need Help!

Right now there’s a bill before Congress called the Metastatic Breast Cancer Access to Care Act (H.R. 2178). It’s the second time it’s been introduced, sponsored this time by Republican Peter King (NY-2) and Democrat Kathy Castor (Fl-14). A companion bill has also been introduced in the Senate by senators Martha McSally (R-AZ) and Chris … Continue reading We need Help!

Connect IV Legal Services, Inc.

Toxicity is a word that describes many things related to a cancer diagnosis.  There is toxicity from the medication we take; we are concerned about the toxicity of the substances in the world around us, in the food we eat, in the things we put on or in our body; however, in my humble opinion, … Continue reading Connect IV Legal Services, Inc.

Inaugural Orlando METSquerade

February 2, 2019. Last summer, I met Lindsey Scholl at a conference in Tampa and she was the first to tell me that the wildly successful model of holding METSquerades to raise funds for Metavivor that started in Arkansas was coming to Orlando.  I immediately knew that I wanted to be involved.  I live in … Continue reading Inaugural Orlando METSquerade