As many of you know, I currently live in Miami, Florida and I’ve posted/talked about my involvement with the 305PinkPack at various times. The Pack, as we often term it, is the brainchild of Rosemary Carrera, a breast cancer survivor, a medical professional, and all around amazing person.

Here is how she describes her experience and the basis of the Pack’s founding on the website:

Rosemary was diagnosed with Stage 2 Breast Cancer, after her first screening mammogram at the age of 40. With an 8-month-old baby, her family and friends came together to help with meals, child care, household chores, and more. In 2020, she launched 305 Pink Pack and has made supporting women in her community a labor of love.


A labor of love.

That’s exactly what it is.

The 305PinkPack is the only organization of its kind in South Florida. We serve women who have nowhere else to turn during cancer treatment. We serve women who have some places to turn during cancer treatment. We serve women in the way that each of us would have wanted to be served while enduring cancer and cancer treatment.

We are an organization of people who just get what people are going through. For the past several years, my Dad (a LMHC) and I have been moderating the biweekly metastatic cancer support group via zoom. We have a core group of women who come every time and some that come here and there, whenever they need us. This group of women feed my soul and we do this MBC thing together.

If you are interested in learning more about the Pack and what we’ve been able to do in South Florida, check out our recently published Annual Report. We do a lot with a little. Those of us living with cancer or who are survivors, we know the value of giving back. And our community has rallied around us and our needs in a big way. YOU can be part of that community.

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