BCAM 2021: Day #29

When I first heard these stats, I was floored. To work in an industry that fails much more often than not has to be so discouraging. I am in awe of the scientists that are told no over and over and over and yet keep showing up for work, keep trying to find the answer or even the question. I cannot imagine how much dedication it would take to not give up and I am forever grateful.

I have benefitted directly from research, research that started many years before I needed the medication. My first line of MBC treatment was Ibrance. I started Ibrance in 2017. Ibrance was approved by the FDA in 2015. My second line of MBC treatment is Piqray. Piqray was approved by the FDA in May of 2019 and I began taking it in August of 2019.

Clinical trials and the fruit of that labor has kept me alive for the last four (4) years and that’s why I’m so passionate about funding the research that could keep me alive for even longer.

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