BCAM 2021: Day #16

Medication can often be given to a patient in a variety of ways — pills, liquid to be swallowed, injections and infusions. Typically pills or liquid to be swallowed can be administered at home, which most injections have to be done in a doctors office and most infusions at an infusion center or hospital setting. Patients have little to no control over the way to get medicine or the place. Whether medicine can be injected in a doctor’s office or hospital setting is also likely subject to a variety of agreements/contracts between so many different companies, including pharmaceutical companies, the doctors themselves, practices, hospitals, insurance companies, etc.

In short, it’s a complicated mess.

And the one person who usually doesn’t understand or know any of the issues behind all of this is the patient.

Who is the one getting and paying for the medicine.

Doesn’t seem fair at all.

The bill referenced above is designed to eliminate the questions and complications and make it easy for the patient. To learn more about how to help, check out the Metavivor Stampede here: https://www.metavivor.org/take-action/stage-iv-stampede/

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