BCAM 2021: Day #14

Here’s what I think so many people don’t understand — Stages I – III are when the breast cancer hasn’t spread beyond the breasts or local lymph nodes, but Stage IV is when the breast cancer has taken up residence somewhere outside the breasts. Stage IV is fatal, it’s terminal, it is incurable, it will end our lives. And the deaths that occur because of breast cancer are from Stage IV Metastatic Cancer.

100% of them.

Those who are early stage and who face a 90%+ chance of surviving a normal lifespan often don’t understand what we handle on a daily basis. Recently, that lack of understanding exploded in a discussion on a friend’s Facebook page and I wrote a little something about it. You can access that post here.

Bottom line, MBC is really really serious and should be taken seriously. We need more research, we just need more and more because living with a terminal diagnosis is just a lot harder than most people understand.

Consider donating to Metavivor, where 100% of the donated funds are allocated to metastatic research.

4 thoughts on “BCAM 2021: Day #14

  1. This is our month?? I have to say reading the exchanges revealed several points. 1) The “I Won” mentality seems too strong to change. 2) Metsers are part of October, so move over so we can have our day. 3) Early stagers have just as strong as views as late stagers. I don’t believe this woman represents everyone. I sense a lot of anger and fear in her responses. We all need to somehow come together and work for better drugs and treatments.

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