BCAM 2021: Day #7

This was another shocking thing that I discovered in my own experiences. I’d assumed (wrongly) that most cancer was genetic and when my mom tested negative for BRCA 1 & 2 after her early cancer diagnosis, my sisters and I thought we had nothing to worry about. We also didn’t fully understand the complexity of genetics, not that anyone really fully understands.

And yet, anyone who had genetic testing before 2013 should consider repeating the testing since quite a few genes have been added to the list of those that affect breast cancer. In 2017, when I had my genetic testing done, there was a 40+ panel and that has only grown in the four (4) years since my de novo diagnosis.

If a person has a genetic mutation that may increase the risk for any kind of cancer, there are some protocols for extra surveillance. This surveillance most likely saved my Uncle’s life after my Grandfather’s prostate cancer diagnosis. It’s important to know your body and your genetics.

And still, we need more information and more research. Consider a donation to Metavivor to continue their ability to ask the questions that need to be answered so that Stage IV cancer isn’t terminal.

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