BCAM 2021: Day #6

The narrative that mammograms save lives and that you are safe if you have a clear mammogram is just not always true. It’s catchy and it’s an objective, bright line that makes marketing and advertising easier. We’ve traded the shaded truth for a generally accurate slogan and a false sense of security.

Bottom line?

No one is ever responsible for mutating cells growing without brakes.

No one.

That being said, it is vitally important that every person is aware of their body and seeks out medical advice when there are. Paying attention, self-exams, mammograms, well person checks, cultivating relationships with medical professionals, etc., are all important in being and staying healthy.

Just don’t think a mammogram is everything.

6 thoughts on “BCAM 2021: Day #6

  1. Such an important message for people to know. Some types of breast cancer aren’t imaged well by any current technology, eg invasive lobular (ILC), due to the growth pattern. That is one reason why ILC is often larger with lymph node involvement when diagnosed. I try to impress on my friends to get mammograms for sure, but to also just keep an eye on your breasts yourself and have any changes checked out. As the cliche goes, you know your body best. Loving your series!

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