BCAM 2021; Day #5

Cancer grows because “normal cells” have mutated and become different. One thing that doesn’t work inside cancer cells are the brakes that tells a cell when to die a natural death. Cancer cells proliferate without an end and they don’t die naturally.

And that keeps happening.

The cancer cells keep mutating.

And these mutations enable to cells to get around the immune system of the body AND anything we take to shore up the immune system and interfere with the cancer cells’ growth. The cells keep on mutating and that gives the cancer the ability to get around and keep getting around the medication.

And so we keep having to get new meds to keep the cancer cells in check until there are no more options and the cancer cells reign supreme. At that point, death is pretty imminent.

And this is living with MBC.

8 thoughts on “BCAM 2021; Day #5

    1. Why does breast cancer happen? It’s rogue cells going rogue. I don’t believe eating habits or anything else a person can do or not do makes any difference. We can reduce our risk by not smoking or managing our weight, by staying more healthy, but people who do everything right get cancer too.

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  1. As someone battling MBC, I find that most people have misconceptions when it comes to Breast Cancer and MBC. They truly don’t understand what it means when cancer metastasizes and becomes MBC. Thank you for continuing to educate! I am trying as well!

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