I wish … *

I wish for me that there is peace. I wish for you that you feel peace. I wish for all that peace is a priority.

I wish for me that there is acceptance. I wish for you that you feel accepted by those you need acceptance from. I wish for us all that there is at least one person who sees you entirely and accepts you wholly.

I wish for me that kindness is my default. I wish for you that kindness is the default of everyone around you. I wish for us all that kindness would be the norm and not “niceness,” which is fake and shallow and pretending.

I wish for me that cancer is eradicated. I wish for you and us all the same.

I wish for me that purpose is infused throughout my life. I wish for you that purpose is at the center of your life. I wish for us all that we are each focused on our own unique purpose.

I wish for me that love is shown and felt freely. I wish for you that you feel love tangibly and every day. I wish for us all that love is the norm, not the aberration.

I wish for me connection with others. I wish for you and us all that we would see more of our connection and less about what divides us.

I wish for me that death will not feel like a negative when it comes. I wish for you and us all acceptance and compassion about our inevitable transitions and that our lives will be for a blessing.

I wish for me many celebrations and days of celebrating. I wish for you that you celebrate the mundane, then routine, the days that are “normal.” I wish for us all that we will celebrate the small moments that make up our lives and don’t wait for some day in the future to do what makes us happy.

I wish for me joy and many days of joyfulness. I wish for you that you will find joy in the most unexpected places. For us all, I wish that joy would leak out of our pores and infect everyone around us.

I wish for me patience and the ability to breathe and pause before reacting. I wish for you that patience would become the watchword and that you would extend this valuable reflection of love to those around you. For us all, I wish that patience would be the hallmark of all that we do.

I wish for me goodness in all that I endeavor. I wish for you that goodness would be a goal, each and every day. For us all, I wish that goodness would become celebrated just like winning the Super Bowl.

I wish for me faithfulness and loyalty and the strength to live up to these ideals. I wish for you that faithfulness would be a habit, practiced daily. I wish for us all that faithfulness and loyalty could be counted on and expected.

I wish for me gentleness and the ability to slow down to employ it. For you, I wish that gentleness would be experienced every day from all of those around you. For us all, I wish that gentleness would be genderless and accepted from everyone.

I wish for me self-control, both internally and externally. For you, I wish that mastery over your mind and your body would be within reach. For us all, I wish that self-control would be a universal practice, not imposed, but eagerly sought.

Each of these concepts are fruits of influence and labor too important to ignore and often overlooked. If this work were placed on a pedestal in the same way that putting ball in a basket or hit inside a square, the world would be better off and so would we as individuals.

*This post is an expanded journal prompt response from a Lacuna Loft Journaling class with Jean Rowe. I’d recommend that any young adult with cancer consider participating. You can find out more here.

27 thoughts on “I wish … *

  1. This is beautiful and so deep Abigail. I am lost for words.

    YOU have my LOVE. I wish for YOU all thise things that you wish for yourself. You are a wonderful person. ❤️

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  2. I wish that your post would come true in everyone’s lives. What beautiful thoughts. I pray that you will have a long, fulfilling and not painful life defying all odds. Your words always inspire and care about others and I pray they would not stop. Happy New Year, Abigail. BTW, I love journaling. I keep several, but this one sounds like a good one I should check out. 🙂

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    1. The “class” is truly amazing. The bonus journaling prompt for Christmas was … “how do you decorate your soul?” So many different ways to interpret that prompt! April with Wildfire magazine also posts writing prompts. It’s a great way to get at feelings or issues that haven’t bubbled to the surface! ❤️

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      1. Thank you. If we belong to him, I think he must do the decorating. That doesn’t explain all the good people who decorate their own souls because they don’t believe in God. I guess that’s why we don’t sit on the judgement seat. We humans can’t tell the difference.

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  3. I wish for you that all your wishes come true as they all have a perspective of self acceptance and the support of others who may make it hard for some where any of us control our entire lives. A good death is something we hope for, for instance, but if we are not conscious we can only wish that the people who love us to speak for us on our behalf to help our wishes be carried out. I like to call this kind of hope a shift or “hope shift.” I hope for world peace but since peace begins at home, with one person, I hope shift to peace in my self and my home where I have control based on my own actions not the actions of others. As you know it’s not who apologizes only that an apology is made; we remember the feelings not the fights. I know I won’t live a long life, my hope shifts to a breakthrough in our lifetimes that helps metastatic cancer become chronic, like the AIDS vaccine, not terminal as it stands. But if it doesn’t my hope shifts to the new developments on the horizon that may extend our mortality for more years of life with those we love and who will suffer most by our death.

    Abigail, we share so many similar philosophies, though we haven’t met face to face as I’d hoped we would this last year, but my hope shifts in the coming new year that we will on s again fly to Philadelphia in September and find one another amongst the crowded rooms and give each other a very long overdue hug. That’s the hope shift I wish for all of us in the new year. May all your wishes come true.
    With much love,

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    1. I love this concept of a “hope shift”. I’ve definitely seen my hopes and goals and wishes shift in so many ways since MBC became a part of our lives and now Covid. Yes, we will make an in person visit happen, my friend!! ❤️

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