Different types of courage

I’ve written before about courage in the face of Adversity and how it takes a special kind of courage to keep going while living with Stage IV Metastatic Breast Cancer (MBC). As I’ve been learning more about myself and my own personality, I realize that I tend to gravitate towards more concrete parts of courage and sometimes discount the more abstract or feeling based parts of courage.

I like this meme …

I think these different types of courage tend to overlap, as needed, and it’s a great reminder for me to remember that there are types of courage that don’t include physically facing something down.

What type of courage are you embracing today? Is there one or more that you struggle with?

15 thoughts on “Different types of courage

  1. Very thought provoking… I really had to think about it before I answered… It feels quite intangible having to think about this.. I have a long ongoing battle with social phobia and panic attacks when put in unusual social circumstances… I have had to learn to step out which takes a lot of courage although it probably would not look like it from the outside… I guess as I grow I can see I am becoming more courageous but often I feel on the back foot of courage in this regard. Good question. Thank you.

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  2. I really like the formulation of different kinds of courage. For me, as an introvert (although most people, including the several thousand I’ve taught, wouldn’t guess that)social courage is something I work on EVERY DAY!

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  3. Great things to think about! I am an extravert and usually have no trouble in social situations. But I was running out of courage with those I worked with, especially after I was diagnosed Stage 4. You can’t imagine how relieved I was to get Disability so I could leave that toxic situation. I don’t feel like I lacked courage to face that. Work was killing me faster than cancer.

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  4. The courage to accept help when I was always the first person to offer my assistance- it was a hard learned courage, and it’s weak and rude I found out to decline someone’s heart felt offer – like it’s not good enough, couldn’t be as good as what I’d do. Shamefully I admit I had to muster the courage to call myself a writer, too. To envisage myself in a profession I only saw others who were better somehow than myself. My drivel and poetic mashed potatoes might be better than I originally thought, or at least I found the courage to slog my blog posts alongside writers so much better and less self centered than I. But discovering therapeutic writing healed me of that lack of confidence. And isn’t that in so many ways the opposite of courage?

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