BCAM: October 16th

Day 17/100

You see after being sick and on heavy treatments every day for over 5 years my body has taken a lot of beating. I feel like I’m 80, and the pic is probably what I would’ve looked like on the outside if my insides would decide.

My immune system is really bad so I get easily sick and infected. My vital organs are weakening and aging. My skin is drying up. Dark spots are showing up everywhere, mostly face, arms and hands.

My bones are getting thinner, joints are worn and fracture more easily. Hip and other bone replacements are super common. My memory sucks and I forget things all the time. I’m completely starved of hormones so in constant menopause, it sucks so bad in general but even more when you’re way too young for it (I’m dedicating a day fact completely to this one so stay tuned). Where was I, yeah so my metabolism is shattered so I gain weight just by looking at a piece of chocolate. Insomnia is a constant companion and the list goes on and on.

This is what most people have to look forward to when they get old. We live this everyday, our outside look young but our insides are old and very tired, and really just wanna go to sleep. It’s like imagine that you are in your 80s but live as if you were in your 30s and have young kids. On the other hand we also appreciate life as only old people can do, and don’t give a shit about a lot of things.

Go old people 🤟

What is this?100 days of facts about metastatic breast cancer leading up to my 43rd birthday. Facts that the pink ribbon campaigns fail to mention. Like Knowmbc and share.”

And now you know more about how those of us with MBC feel, day after day, living with not just terminal cancer, but the toll on our bodies from the medication and the side effucks.

7 thoughts on “BCAM: October 16th

  1. Side effucks is right : haute loss (third time!), fatigue, bathroom issues, and today pain under my toes. And yes I look like 80. Inside my head, I’m a wise 35. Thanks for this wonderful series.

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