Reblog: Open letter from a person with chronic pain

I don’t talk a lot about the side effucks and issues that I carry every day. It’s not that I don’t think about it, all day, every day. As I type this, I’m sitting in the waiting room at a local imaging center ready to get my quarterly PET scan to see if my medication is working. I wasn’t able to take the medication I take round the clock to deal with nausea, pain, and other side effucks, so I’m not only managing the anxiety of wondering if I’ll be changing medications next week but I’m also feeling the brunt of everything the cancer and cancer medication has caused.

I don’t share this to garner sympathy but to give each of you a window into what those of us with chronic side effects handle.

Check out the post linked below for a window inside the experiences of someone else with chronic pain …

September is Pain Awareness Month. And I do my best to raise awareness about it because there is still so much stigma out there. Maybe explaining …

Open letter from a person with chronic pain

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