I can’t find an official definition of #MetsMonday, so I’ll give you mine — “#MetsMonday exists to remind each of us that those of us with metastatic cancer need research and intervention in order to lead full and fulfilling lives.”

If you have a definition, I’d love to hear about it!

#MetsMonday is why I publish a blog post every Monday. I added Thursdays since I usually have more to say that one weekly post can contain, but Mondays remain important to me as a blogger who talks about Cancer quite a bit. Metastatic Cancer to be precise.

For this #MetsMonday, I have two requests of each of you, dear readers.

First of all, since today is my father’s 65th birthday, please wish him a Happy Birthday! He has donated his birthday to raising funds for the 305PinkPack, a local charity who assists women with breast cancer to continue living life through active treatment. Dad and I moderate a biweekly zoom support group with 305PinkPack for those of us living with metastatic caner and we’re loving it! Dad’s fundraiser can be accessed here.

Secondly, for those of you who enjoy my musings and my advocacy efforts, I’ve been nominated for some WEGO Health awards. WEGO and their annual awards are designed to empower and recognized those of us who focus our efforts on raising awareness and calling attention to and advocating for people with health conditions. Breast Cancer is well represented this year and there are many dear friends nominated for awards as well. If you have questions about who to endorse in what category, I’m happy to share the efforts of some very amazing people.

Today, I’m also humbly asking for your endorsement. If you enjoy my blog and support my endeavors, would you take a minute to click the thumbs up for me? Follow this link to endorse me.

For all of you who took a moment to fulfill my requests, a million thanks! For all of you who faithfully read my posts week after week, a hundred million thanks! Blogging can be a rather solitary endeavor (my favorite kind) and I love reading the comments and hearing how my offerings have affected each of you.

Happy #MetsMonday!

13 thoughts on “#MetsMonday

  1. Happy Birthday to your dad! (He’s my age, BTW). And thank you for the work you do for Mets cancer. I am a Haver, read a lot of blogs (too many). Some Mondays it’s a real downer and others (like today) I feel encouraged. Your blog is always insightful and I really like that you take the time to share your journey with me. Peace.

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