Electronic Resources, Overview

I’ve often said that those of us in the breast cancer community are in the best position to know what would be helpful to the community. The men and women I’ve met in the last three years have more than impressed me with their creativity and commitment to helping others without asking anything in return. I’m sure there are amazing people in the larger community too, but I’ve never seen the numbers and focus before I was diagnosed with breast cancer.

One such person is Marianne Sarcich, my new friend. To help others, she has spent countless hours working on researching, verifying and collecting a list of all the electronic offerings for breast cancer patients. Rather than trying to charge for the fruits of her labors, she is sharing the information freely.

See what I mean? Amazing!

Here is the link to the information Marianne gathered: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1E2–omgHVd8Ec6EYw4So6FN9gRYEyWOk/view?usp=drivesdk.

Regular updates have already been provided and will be again as things change and develop. Check out the companies who are doing the best job at adjusting to the quarantine and give them some love!!

Stay safe everyone!!

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