Breast Cancer Facts, 10/29

I love my palliative care doctor so much that I wrote a whole blog post about my experiences. You can read that here. Palliative care is not hospice and anyone diagnosed with a serious illness, terminal or chronic, can benefit from palliative care. As I ended my blog post linked here, everyone deserves to have someone fully invested and focused on your quality of life.

9 thoughts on “Breast Cancer Facts, 10/29

      1. I’m sure they could be! I’ve not heard of anything specific but my palliative doctor is very open to anything I’ve asked for help on. She’s the one who got me the handicapped sticker and always asks about me as a whole person. I’m sure if someone needed a therapy dog for any reason, a palliative care doc could help.

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      2. 😊😊😊 I’m really glad you have that doc on your treatment team. I really love animal therapy, just the idea of it and what it does and can do. I’ve read articles about parrots helping soldiers/others with PTSD. It’s amazing. Have a good day! 🦜

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