Breast Cancer Facts, 10/20

Another way to say this is that when one is early stage, then carpet bombing chemotherapy techniques are used. Many of these techniques are based on the mustard gas used in World War II and decimates both the cancer cells and fast growing normal cells. This is why you lose hair, taste, the lining of the digestive track and many other uncomfortable symptoms. This scorched earth mentality can only truly be effective once for many medications.

If the goal is full remission (not a cure as the meme above states), then this technique has proven effective. That one’s immune system is collateral damage isn’t so worrisome if there is a beginning, middle and end.

But when one is stage IV, there is no end. Quality of life has to be maintained and your immune system is pretty necessary to stay alive.

I’m thankful for medication options that are more tolerable than IV chemo; at the same time, the side effucks I’ll be dealing with for the rest of my life aren’t my favorite.

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