Breast Cancer Facts, 10/17

I was pretty excited when I graduated to 6 month scans in early 2019 after a stable year of being on Ibrance. Excited because that meant I was doing well and didn’t have to deal with the scanxiety every 3 months. I learned to hold my breath and only plan for the time between scans. I could plan for longer periods of time and I started to think about relaxing.

The continuous upheaval of dealing with cancer is not easy to explain to anyone who doesn’t live it. Scans and doctors appointments are NEVER routine and always pull the patient and the family right back to the worst time we have ever lived.

Next time you hear that someone living with Stage IV metastatic breast cancer is undergoing a scan, give them a hug, cook them dinner, send them flowers, do something nice.

17 thoughts on “Breast Cancer Facts, 10/17

    1. My name is Rosalind Wright,I am also a two time breast cancer person to femur and spine the second time living on Ibrance along with the shots of faslodex and zoladex not easy but what can I do just live my life to the fullest ,and try my best to be happy

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  1. Your October “series” is great. This one in particular appeals to me. My first follow-on scan since MBC diagnosis is due. Tumour markers suggest drugs are doing their job but you never know. Still really only planing one month at a time. Best wishes.

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