My third week on Piqray and Faslodex

Outside of a little storm we had this past week, things have smoothed out with the transition to the new meds. I’m super thankful that we didn’t sustain a direct hit by Dorian, but there are many other people who didn’t fare as well. We’ve been collecting a variety of aid items for the people in the Bahamas all week and if any of you, my readers, want to help, let me know.

Here’s my list of updates from this week’s experiences with the medication …

  1. The Metformin CR has kept my sugar under control quite well and the other side effects have become more manageable.
  2. Any time I succumb to my love of bread and carbs, I see a corresponding increase in my sugar. So, it seems the diet I need to utilize is one that cuts all carbs out.
  3. Fun fact, grapes have a LOT of carbs. Who knew?!
  4. I do have some extremely dry patches of skin, on my face of course.
  5. No rash from the Piqray, but I do get redness where the Faslodex injections are inserted.
  6. Having food in my stomach is a must when I take Piqray. The nausea is sooooo much better when I remember!
  7. Claritin is a much more tolerable anti-histamine than Zyrtec for me.
  8. Still not entirely sure how medical marijuana interacts with Piqray but I’m following the same protocols as when I was on Ibrance and that seems to be working.
  9. Children stuck indoors during a hurricane literally bounce off the walls.
  10. Friends are a necessity!

Happy Friday, everyone.

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