My first week on Piqray and Faslodex

I started Ibrance and Letrozole in August of 2017. Perhaps it is fitting that it was almost two years to the day that I had to change my regimen because of progression. Yes, it’s a mild progression and I’m clinging to that. So, I’ve now been on Piqray and Faslodex for a week and I’ve learned a few things that I would like to share, in no particular order.

  1. Faslodex shots are not fun.
  2. Faslodex side effects are more tolerable for me than Letrozole, but the first few days were a bit more intense than I was expecting.
  3. It is absolutely necessary not to be standing on the leg where the shot is being administered. Thank you to all of the people who warned me about this!
  4. Faslodex shots (there are always two) must be administered in the top of one’s gluteus maximus and always at least room temperature.
  5. Faslodex shots are not defrosted until one is in the infusion center, so plan for an extra 45 minutes unless you make a deal with a nurse.
  6. Zyrtec makes me drowsy and irritable.
  7. Food is a must when taking Piqray.
  8. Piqray is a weird name.
  9. Piqray needs new packaging that is actually child proof!
  10. Why couldn’t they just send one pill per day?!

There you have it, my ten new pieces of information as I embark on this new medication combination. Still trying to figure out drug interactions when it pertains to CBD and THC. Never a dull moment but this change has been particularly disruptive, probably at least partially because it has been a while since a change was necessary.

I’m still angry at my cancer. I’m still upset that it took me so much effort to get these meds.

And now I’m headed to yoga.

14 thoughts on “My first week on Piqray and Faslodex

  1. It sounds a bit odd but as soon as your nurse gives you the shot make sure she applies mild pressure with her fingers to that spot. It will help. Also a nice warm epsom salt bath after will help with the pain. And never let them go too low on the glut. If they do it will be much more painful and cause severe bruising. I wish I could tell you it gets easier but I never does.
    Sending prayers and kind thoughts.

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  2. Boy I would be soooo bummed if, /when Ibrance stops working. That’s a BIG deal Abigail . Yet it’s something we think about in the back of our minds. So is the Piqray (pronounced pig-ray?) an oral like iibrance cycle? I agree totally about the faslodex taking forever to warm up. Geez can’t they put the injections on a heating pad? The shots don’t even bother me anymore. , lamaze breathing comes in handy .

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    1. Good to know! Yes, Piqray is another targeted therapy option for those of us with the PIK3CA mutation. It’s a pill. Unfortunately I will have to reduce the dose after taking metformin for a few days to get the sugar under control. It’s always something!!


  3. If you have any trou le with the cost call the pharmaceutical company, I think AstraZeneca, but not sure. They have a program if your on private insurance. They help pay if I remember correctly up to 6000. For me the shots were 1500 each time

    It didnt work well for me. However it did give my doc other options and more info. My cancer loves hormone therapies.

    Good luck.

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    1. I’m on private insurance through my husband’s job. I have the co pay assistance card with Novartis up to $15,000. The only thing they don’t tell you is that if they reduce your dose, it doesn’t apply to the first month supply. Thank you for reading and commenting! Love and light to you.


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