From August 12, 2017

Second opinions

Journal entry by Abigail Johnston — 

We’ve toured Florida over the past few days with hundreds of pages of records and CDs with scans! First stop was Tampa and the Moffitt Cancer Center and then we ended up in Miami at the Baptist hospital Cancer Center, newly connected to Sloan Kettering in NY.

Good thing to come out of both appointments is that other than some minor tweaks both medical oncologists agreed with and supported the treatment I’ve been getting and my current doctor is planning to go to next. Both doctors were a bit shocked as to the presentation of my cancer and how it developed.

Only real downside was all the waiting around and the fact that there are no identified trials for me. Not that we have to be in a trial but we were hopeful that perhaps I could be involved with something newly developing. Again, silver lining is that one of the reasons that I don’t yet qualify is that I’ve not had a failure of any medication thus far.

So, we’re headed home to hug the boys and figure out next steps. I’m still recovering from whatever was going on in my face and jaw and the hospitalization over last weekend. Nearly done with antibiotics and steroids from that adventure.

Thank you all for your prayers and checking in on us. There are no truly easy days but we are adjusting and figuring out this new normal as best we can.

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