From August 6, 2017

Pain, scans and back to the hospital we go …

Journal entry by Abigail Johnston — 

As many of you know, I had my repeat bone scan on Friday to test the effectiveness of the chemo and radiation and to help determine next steps. It worked out well that I was already getting scanned because I developed excruciating jaw pain on Thursday. While I’m sometimes doubting the characterization of me having a high pain tolerance, the best way I can explain the pain is … my doula described back labor as like a ice pick down your spine (did about 4 hours of that thank you very much Malcolm) and that is best analogy that I can come up with … the jaw pain literally feels like an ice pick striking and then dragging along my jaw. So not fun. I’ve had a cold this week so was expecting my white blood cell count to be affected but was surprised to hear it was 1. Yikes! IV antibiotics every 8 hours, pain meds every two hours and hoping for results of the CT scan of my head from yesterday. Hoping to go home sooner rather than later but getting this pain figured out is the priority.

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