From June 26, 2017

More about the bones

Journal entry by Abigail Johnston — Jun 26, 2017

We went to the Orthopaedic doctor today for a consult about my right femur. He showed us the X-rays from Friday and the area of my bone that needs stabilization. Good news is that the surgery to put the titanium rod in my femur will have less recovery time than we anticipated. Surgery is likely going to happen on Friday afternoon with a one night stay at the hospital. Dr says weight bearing is possible right away and I could walk from the hospital. The only limitation to having the surgery is my white blood cell count so blood work on Thursday.

Orthopaedic doctor reviewed the bone scans from last week and called to tell me that there is a corresponding but smaller lesion on my left femur and he may want to put a rod to stabilize that bone too. Or possible that we radiate both bones after recovery from surgery on the right.

Upcoming appointments…

Skeletal study tomorrow

Brain MRI on Thursday morning

Blood work Thursday

Xgeva shot Thursday

Potential surgery Friday

Next chemo the following Friday

Radiation on my leg(s) a week or so after that

The X-rays today were scary. The cancer is everywhere. Holding onto what feels like the last shreds of hope and optimism tonight. Affects of chemo have not been as bad this round so that’s a positive but feeling so weak isn’t my cup of tea.

Holding onto Ps 30:5 … “Weeping may last for the night but a shout of joy comes in the morning.”


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