From June 24, 2017

Updates and new diagnosis

Journal entry by Abigail Johnston — 

recapping the news from this past week … bone scans and CT scans show that the breast cancer has spread to my bones.  Specifically and concentrated in the large bones, but pretty much everywhere.  I have a 5cm tumor in my right femur that is of the greatest concern since that’s a weight bearing bone.  There has been much surprise and concern that I’ve been able to keep walking and am not in lots of pain.  Staying off of it now that I know a fracture is likely if I keep putting my weight on that leg.

Next steps … continue with chemo (2nd treatment of the first type was yesterday) and redo the bone scans to see if chemo is working to shrink the mets.  Need surgery (probably next week) to stabilize my right femur and then start radiation to shrink that tumor.
Lots of adjustments now that the diagnosis and treatment are very different.   Cancer is something that I will live with the rest of my life and I’ll never be able to say that I’m cancer free.   Scary and overwhelming and I don’t know what is next.  What I do know is that I love my boys and Elliot and all of you and appreciate all of your support and love and well wishes.

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