BCAM: October 15th

I chose today, halfway through this breast cancer awareness month, to highlight those badass women that Adiba chose to highlight thus far during her 100 days of MBC. Yes, I should disclose that my picture is amongst the ones below. Each of us who were highlighted picked an issue near and dear to our hearts … Continue reading BCAM: October 15th

BCAM: October 14th

Language matters. Let me say that again, language matters. Here's how Adiba describes how MBC patients look at the "battle" terminology: As a person who loves control and wants to have control, losing control over so many things as a forever patient has been a rough transition for me personally. One thing no one has … Continue reading BCAM: October 14th

BCAM: October 13th

Today is the ONE day during Breast Cancer Awareness Month allocated to those of us who are Stage IV. When I was diagnosed, I was astonished to learn that we get one day. We are dying 365 days of the year, 24/7, and we get ONE day in all of October?! Frankly, it feels like … Continue reading BCAM: October 13th

BCAM: October 12th

This is one of the things that causes me, as a daughter, wife and mom some sleepless nights. My diagnosis is happening to me, but it is also happening to everyone around me. I'm sure no parent will misunderstand when I say that I would rather take all the pain on myself rather than see … Continue reading BCAM: October 12th

BCAM: October 11th

Death, is a really hard subject to talk about. Our culture does not give us a language and we, as a culture, tidy death away from from sight. Because of that, we've lost the ability as a culture to really support one another when we have to face it. Here's what Adiba has to say … Continue reading BCAM: October 11th

BCAM: October 10th

Before breast cancer, I took a multivitamin (maybe) and that was it. At various times, I took some supplements when a vitamin or mineral showed up as lacking, but I generally eschewed medication and pills if I could. When I was trying to get pregnant, that changed and throughout pregnancies and breastfeeding, I started to … Continue reading BCAM: October 10th

BCAM: October 9th

Before I was diagnosed with breast cancer, I had no idea that men could get it. And yet, they do. Adiba shares some statistics: Another note about men, as fathers, men carry the genes that can be passed on to their daughters and sons and raise the risk of developing breast cancer. Often, women believe … Continue reading BCAM: October 9th

BCAM: October 8th

When I was bald and my skin was literally gray from chemo, people stopped to help me. They opened doors (more than when I was hugely pregnant), they let me go in front of lines, they didn't give me weird looks when I parked in handicapped parking spots, etc. When I used a walker to … Continue reading BCAM: October 8th

BCAM: October 7th

Those of us with Metastatic Breast Cancer (MBC) live our lives in three (3), six (6) or twelve (12) month increments. What does that mean? We receive a scan in one of those increments, which tells us how our cancer is behaving. Traditionally, the first pattern is every three months. Adiba has this to say … Continue reading BCAM: October 7th