The Light gets in …

“Yes you have been broken.
But you won’t stay shattered for ever my friend.
You will scrape those little shards of your soul from the floor and pull them all together to rebuild, better than before.
But this time there will be cracks…
and that is how the light will get in.
And you may not keep all the little pieces of you that fell.
You may find that you are different now.
You may find that some of them are no longer needed.
And that’s okay.
Yes you have been broken my friend.
But you are more beautiful now than you have ever been.”

Donna Ashworth

7 thoughts on “The Light gets in …

  1. That is lovely 🙂 It brings to mind the Japanese practice of Kingsugi – repairing broken pottery with precious metals, thus turning the cracks into highlights.

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