BCAM 2021; Day #1

These numbers are scarier every time I read them and they are incomplete. We know a lot about the incidents of diagnosed breast cancer, but not so much about how many have an early stage diagnosis and then progress to Stage IV. We can extrapolate knowing how many are diagnosed and how many die since everyone who has been murdered by breast cancer has progressed to Stage IV.

One person dying is too many.

115 every day?

That’s an epidemic.

A few years ago, breast cancer surpassed lung cancer to become the most prevalent cancer causing death in women.

When will this end?

Consider making a donation to Metavivor, where 100% of the funds raised are directed to research projects to answer key scientific questions about metastatic breast cancer. The only way we will reduce the number of people dying every day of MBC is to understand and solve the question of why cancer mutates, why it metastasizes, why we die.

4 thoughts on “BCAM 2021; Day #1

  1. Yes the numbers are incomplete and I wrote last year on how cancer overall is a defined epidemic and I’d hope we take the lessons of scientific data sharing and research on a global basis from Covid and apply them to cancer – specific to MBC. When we have a real count from an updated SEER database then just maybe MBC will get 40% of the R&D (estimated number of secondary breast cancer cases)

    We should not have to become the vast majority of dollars going to convince the government to pay attention to the diseases and not just prevention – mammograms don’t prevent cancer but help with early detection. Also putting $ into the necessary rural and lower socioeconomic groups to get quality care but also mobile mammography and education to these same groups.

    I think between reading your post and writing this comment 1-2 women died.

    Rest In Peace for all those we will lose to MBC this and every month

    And don’t forget about the vast environmental impact on cancer, too. Of course it’s not bad luck it’s bad ecological practices and companies poisoning the food and water including GMOs and other deadly crap in our supplies. Im afraid even moving to the country doesn’t help anymore.

    It’s awareness on a level we’ve never been so in need of in our lives and for those who will come after us.

    There’s also genes not found that cause breast cancer – doesn’t mean it’s not genetics just because it’s not been found yet.

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