2021 Webinars in Partnership with SBC, the second quarter

Before writing about the truly wonderful guests we welcomed to the webinar series, I must first acknowledge that one of the people responsible for the impetus of this series has died. Alyson Tischler was pivotal in my life and grief process. We talked a lot about grief and she was involved in the first live discussion we had with SBC about living with MBC, which you can access here (Part I) and here (Part II).

She had metastatic triple negative breast cancer, which is arguably one of the “worst” since there isn’t much available to treat it and once you run out of options, death come quickly. She called me on a Thursday to say goodbye, was in a coma by the weekend and died the following week. She was sleeping and surrounded by the people who love her most when she died, which is what she wanted.

In the second quarter of 2021, just like the first, we welcomed some truly amazing people to the webinar series with SurvivingBreastCancer.org and learned so many different amazing things from some truly exemplary human beings. Every time I think we might begin to run out of new and amazing topics, something else occurs to someone who tells us or we are contacted by someone who has a niche they want to share with us. We are always open to new topics, new speakers, new ideas and welcome interaction with YOU!

Why do we have this webinar series?

To bring to our audience the people living and working in the spaces we all inhabit at one time or another. The end of life comes to each of us. For those of us with MBC, it’s coming sooner rather than later. Instead of avoiding this subject that isn’t easy, we are tackling it head on to provide you the space and the resources to face it with us. While dying is by definition a solitary endeavor, the process of and planning for death doesn’t have to be.

April 4, 2021, interview with Christy Knudson about how planning for the end of life can be beautiful. Through her company, Near, Christy and her staff recruit and vet End of Life Navigators, which are then matched with interested people to plan their end of life. What a gift! To have an educated person guide a patient in making these decisions prior to a crisis, prior to the end of treatment options, so as to maximize the goals of each individual patient.

April 18, 2021, Meet the Children who have lost their Moms to MBC. Join Kyla Thompson, Jayden Holmes, Shelley Dion, and Rod Ritchie to talk about what it has meant in their lives after losing their moms to MBC. Check out Kyla’s initiative, #PinkKids, and Shelley Dion’s blog, Driven to Survive.

May 2, 2021, The Death Deck and Game Night! Join Lisa Pahl and Lori LoCicero to learn more about this oddly exciting game to start the conversation about issues surrounding death and dying. Far from being a difficult subject, this game allows real conversations to happen in a light hearted environment.

May 16, 2021, interview with the Metavivor Advocacy Committee.

May 23, 2021, Nutrition and Dieting during MBC, Kim Dalzell, PhD, RD

**At the time of posting this blog, not all of the live webinars have been converted to podcasts. I will be adding links as they are available; at the same time, each of the live webinars can be accessed and watched at the SurvivingBreastCancer.org Facebook Page on the dates referenced above.**

4 thoughts on “2021 Webinars in Partnership with SBC, the second quarter

  1. How are you feeling my dear friend?

    I’m happy to speak on therapeutic expression any time with you on the podcast – I’ve moved the topic to become inclusive of music (I now co-host a clubhouse room called The Cancer Experience that focuses on music and cancer – through our relationships to songs; through a monthly psychiatrist who works with soundscapes; to a monthly open mic for all sorts of expression including playwrights, poets, songwriters, and more; and a monthly playlist as it relates to a topic like grief or loss or escaping the day to day of terminal cancers) and of course the intersect of all forms of creative expression have helped including Zentangle meditative drawing, which I’ve been doing for five years since I picked something up the very first time I went to Stanford. I think there’s a way to express ourselves creatively regardless of talent and outside of the Satisfaction I get of being a patient advocate and also I was thinking healing Circles and helping run support groups over zoom. So of course if you’d ever like to talk I’m always available for you. But more importantly as I first asked how are you doing?

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