Colors can be representative of so many things. I read a book once about all the different colors that should be utilized in different rooms of the house. For instance, one wouldn’t want to paint a bedroom yellow, because that isn’t a soothing color helping for relaxing and going to sleep. A kitchen, though, that’s a good place to paint yellow.

A dear sweet woman, Ruth Pfeffer, who I recently served with on the 2020 Metastatic Advisory Committee for Living Beyond Breast Cancer and takes amazing pictures of birds, recently shared this list of colors and meanings with the committee:

White – Nurturing, calming
Purple – Serenity, Wisdom
Black – Powerful , Elegant
Pink – Relaxation, Love
Red – Vitality, Energy
Brown – Stabilizing, Resilience
Blue – Soothing. Harmony
Orange –  Sociability, Confidence
Yellow  –  Cheerful, Creative
Green  –  Peace, Love
Gray  –  Harmony

I’ve wondered whether we’re drawn to colors based on the meaning unconsciously. For instance, for me, I love the color Purple, perhaps because I desire serenity and wisdom. I’m learning more and more about my own personality and what makes me tick and it makes perfect sense to me that Red is often associated with my personality.

Here’s an example …

Red is associated with vitality and energy, but it’s important to remember that we’re not all the same.
I love that the different shades of red show that we are all individuals and bring different types of vitality and energy to our lives and the lives of the people around us.

So, now it’s your turn — what color do you like best? Is that color associated with adjectives that you feel describe you?

We are all unique and we are #StrongerTogether.

18 thoughts on “Colors

  1. I’ve always been drawn to turquoise, blue-green blend, love things about all the colors. When I paint, it’s interesting to sometimes have many colors mixing and blending, and other times concentrate on just one w/many tones. But I do also think we’re unconsciously drawn to certain colors certain times. We have color in the natural world all around us. I really liked the list, Abigail, and that it concentrated on positive values – the latter being the hardest, and most pleasurable, aspects of finally getting a painting “right” – that it feeds me back what I’ve been trying to express onto the canvas. A lifetime struggle, but a nice one 😊

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  2. I’m really not sure I can pick a colour. I spent twenty years arguing with my wife over what colour to paint the house and the different rooms. I could never decide and always her choices seemed to work out well.

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  3. Purple. My front door is painted purple – it was the first change I made to the house- the front door was black and I though of death were to come by he’d liken it to an invitation to come inside and take me with him of course after having a nice home cooked meal. The purple is not bruise color but a beautiful dark periwinkle of sorts. I love it.

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