Swedish Death Cleaning

This concept is fascinating to me and I’ve been trying to apply it in my own life as I live while dying. This Article explains it in more detail. Even though the idea is applied in the context of death, I think each of the tasks listed in the meme above are nearly universal.

How can you apply this knowledge today?

18 thoughts on “Swedish Death Cleaning

  1. This is valuable information. My husband and I have friends considerably older than we are. They have all been downsizing. Though we love our house and don’t want to leave it, we know we should go through the process the article describe—so that our daughters won’t have to.
    We’ll start by removing everything on the closet floors. Oh, yes we will, as soon as…and that’s the hard part.

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  2. I’ve had those urges and read Marie Kondo. I used her and started before divorce not even anticipating it. It was freeing. I’m there now again. All that split stuff. I’d like to make it easy for the people I’ll leave behind. It was enjoyable with memories in some ways cleaning out parents’ houses and also distressing. If they’d only have done much of it before they left.

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