Book Review: The Vagina Bible

“Power and health are inseparably linked.”

Dr Jennifer Gunter didn’t say the above quote until the end of the book, but it sums up all of the nitty gritty details she reviews, debunks and explains in exquisite detail. I can’t say enough about how important it is for all people with vaginas and those people who live up close to a vagina to read this book. Yes, the details are good for everyone to know!

One theme throughout the book is Dr Gunter’s disdain for the patriarchy and the efforts by said patriarchy to convince women that their vaginas are dirty, that feminine hygiene products are necessary. News flash, they aren’t! Also, many of the “medication” whether oral or topical that is sold for the vagina is unnecessary or, at worst harmful.

An additional theme, which I’m seeing so much more about recently, is the correlation in the media and popular culture between menopause and all things negative. Women’s bodies change as we age and the powers that be have grasped tight to the idea that women need to be fixed and have sold us a bill of goods that we keep buying and buying and buying.

Bottom line, buy this book! I’ve purchased copies for my nieces and plan to give them out at Christmas. We should all be more informed about our bodies and the miraculous things it can do without help from anyone or anything!

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