From August 3, 2018


Journal entry by Abigail Johnston — 

Can’t resist a bit of political humor in an effort to deflect the potential seriousness of this post. Tumor markers are still rising. While they are not 100% reliable in terms of signaling a progression, it’s creating some serious heartburn in our household. Just this week, my medical oncologist was talking about putting off my next scan until November and now I’ve a scan later on this month. Hoping it is just a false alarm (my version of fake news); however, I see too many of my fellow metsters receiving news of progression and entering hospice to be ignorant of what may be happening.

In other news, I finally finished all of the neuropsychological screening and testing. All of the results point towards cognitive issues most likely as a result of the chemotherapy last year and potentially the ongoing medication that is keeping the mets in check. I meet with my neurologist next Monday to find out what may be the solution(s) to my forgetfulness and slow processing speed.

Liam starts kindergarten this month … can’t believe how big he is and how much time has passed. Praying and hoping to be here for many more first days of school!!

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