From June 22, 2018

Endurance and pain

Journal entry by Abigail Johnston — 

The last few months have been full of lessons of endurance. My hips continue to hurt, especially the left hip, and the instructions to build muscle mass has meant that I must be aware of activities and plan accordingly. When I know how much activity to expect, then I can plan my pain medication accordingly. It’s a bit difficult to accommodate schedule changes or adjust to the Boys since more movement = more pain. I’m getting better at it but still encounter days that just take every bit of energy and resilience to get to the end. Hard to focus on being present and experiencing JOY when movement can be excruciating.

I did finally accept a prescription from my pain management doctor for a narcotic pain medication which I am taking sparingly. CBD oil helps substantially but I can only take so much mostly due to gastrointestinal side effects at higher doses.

This weekend, Mom and I are at a special conference targeted towards metastatic research and engaging patients and the wider community. Research is so key for me and the wider metastatic breast cancer community. The gift of hope cannot be discounted.

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