From February 20, 2018

Settling in …

Journal entry by Abigail Johnston — 

We’re settling into 2018 and getting back into the routine we’d started last year. Having Amy and Steve and Ella here (along with Tommy and Katie and Anna and Kris) has been super fun. The boys get to see their cousin several times a week and we get to really do life with family. Ibrance has still been effective for me and I’m tolerating the monthly Zometa infusions a bit better. Dr Wang is happy with my response and we’ll be continuing as long as possible on the current regimen. I’ve been experimenting with my CBD and THC oil dosages to better manage my pain and also help with sleeping better. Overall, the combination of medication, supplements, acupuncture, yoga and chiropractic care has been working well for me. I am aware of how blessed I am to be able to engage both Western and Eastern medicine options.

I’ve been doing research and reading a lot about cancer treatments and the long term side effects. It’s a hard area and one that would lend itself well to some solutions. I may have found myself a project at some point.

I’m hoping to have some results soon of a genomic trial at Sloan Kettering and have engaged with a new clinical trial finder for metastatic patients. While my current treatment is working well, it’s always good to have some options lined up.

I worked with an amazing non-profit last week to create a video for the Boys. It’s called Thru My Eyes and I can’t wait to see what they created from the conversation I had with the interviewer about my life and my family. While I do hope that it will be many years before they access the many things I’m planning for them to experience after I’m gone, it helps me to prepare the best I can.

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