From December 21, 2017, my 39th Birthday

So long 2017 …

Journal entry by Abigail Johnston — 

So much has happened and changed in the last few months. We’ve relocated to Miami and I’ve been hard at work recreating the medical team here. So thankful for Baptist Hospital and the team approach they take to patient care. Some of my medication had been adjusted and my tumor markers continue to come down. I’m participating In one trial through the partnership between baptist Hospital and Sloan Kettering in NY.

Since we made the move to Miami, I’ve been able to be more active — mom and I walk most days and we’re doing gentle yoga 3 times each week. The boys have settled into their new school but they still miss their friends. Elliot is still working on balancing his work being here in Miami and needing to travel back to Orlando.

Next scans will be right after the holidays due to some new pain I’m experiencing in my left leg. Hoping I just did something normal like pulled or strained something rather than the worst case scenario which immediately comes to mind.

2017 has been the most eventful year ever and I can’t say I’m sad to leave it behind. My birthday today has been odd. I’m happy to have reached 39 and survived all of the craziness of this past year but it is also easy to slide into worrying about whether it’s my last birthday. The last time I get to celebrate with the people I care about.

This is life with cancer.

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