Social Health Network Annual Awards

If you’ve been following me for any amount of time, you are probably aware that I work with a variety of organizations and platforms. A few years ago, I got involved with Health Union as a contributor for the site I write articles and occasionally moderate in the community discussions. Health Union merged with Wego to create the Social Health Network awhile back and one of the additions from this partnership are their annual awards for patient advocates.

I’m both honored and humbled to be nominated for a variety of the available awards, including Advocacy Trailblazer, Commuity Cultivator, Healthcare Collaborator, and Lifetime Achievement. You can learn more about these awards and my advocacy experiences here:

Awards don’t change the need for advocacy or the desire to make a difference; at the same time, it’s heartwarming to be recognized for all the work we do day after day.

If you are on the website, look up my friend, Rod Ritchie, who is doing amazing things as a Male Breast Cancer Advocate as well as Prostate Cancer. He’s also nominated for a Lifetime Achievement Award and deserves that much more than I! Lesley Glenn is also nominated, as well as Project Life and third member of the Project Life Team, Deltra James. So many other deserving and hard working advocates are listed on the many pages of awards and I’d invite each of you to consider pursuing the list.

Endorsing patient leaders takes just a few minutes and could mean significant recognition for all the hard and unpaid labor that goes into advocating for ourselves and others. For more information on how the Social Health Network awards functions and the dates/deadlines, feel free to read more here.

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