One last hurrah!

The week before school started, we took the boys up to Orlando to spend some time as a family and with loved ones. Over the last few years, we’ve discovered the 4 Seasons in Orlando where there is a smallish water park experience for the kiddos and lots of relaxation for the adults and some Florida residents rates close to the start of school. Thanks, Nataly, our Florida vacation guru!! 🙂

Ice cream!! The scavenger hunt means free ice cream and all our favorite flavors.
Obligatory family selfie showing off our masks!

The boys loved the lazy river (mama too) and the slides. Inner tubes generally were the most fun! Also, the food service at poolside and room service at all hours of the night.

Stacking the tubes was a definite favorite!

We were also able to get together with some dear friends and their kiddos. Since this wasn’t the first time we saw these dear friends at the same hotel, the kiddos wondered if the hotel was actually our house. Definitely a home away from home!

Jessica, me, and Cheri. Only missing Christi to complete the foursome!
Checking out the kiddo sized chairs!!

One of the reasons we picked this particular weekend was that we got to celebrate a baby sprinkle for our niece. She is having a little girl to round out their family. Also, a perfect time for the boys to wear their new nice shirts from Nana!

These boys light up every room they enter!

It took most of the time we were there to arrange to see a dear friend also living with MBC because of an unexpected hospitalization. We made it happen, though. Taking advantage of every moment to see one another and document with a selfie is a priority.

Came back just in time to start school … we will definitely be back next summer!!


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